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When it comes to transfer of Petroleum products in a marine environment, Elaflex is the most recognised and reliable hose to get the job done without incident or failure. All of our Marine Rubber Bunkering Hoses are manufactured & approved to EN1765, and certified as complete asselies to EN10204-3.1. Most marine facilities now insist on only using Elaflex due to the continued reliability …

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Marine Hoses. Continental is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of marine hoses. We have over 60 years of experience in textile reinforced bonded elastomer hoses and have led the way in innovating the industry throughout that period. Our hoses are fully certified and meet the relevant industry guidance and standards such as

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Nowadays the term bunker is generally applied to the storage of petroleum products in tanks, and the practice and business of refueling ships. Bunkering operations are loed at seaports, and they include the storage of “bunker” (ship) fuels and the provision of the fuel to vessels. Who is in charge of bunkering? 3.9 The Ship’s Master is responsible for the Bunkering Operations and must

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We are a trusted partner in marine hose inspection, testing, installation and certifiion. Whether you''re an operator of a marine facility or terminal, our hose testing services are conducted on and offshore, ering for truck, terminal and dock hoses, as well as floating …

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Our Salamander floating hoses are designed for the transfer of fluids and materials between supply vessels and fixed platforms, providing a high quality solution to the problem of low hose buoyancy and snagging during supply operations. The advanced hose design of the Salamander hose means that the integral buoyancy layers ensure a trouble free, reliable and high visibility solution for bulk

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Marine Fuels Fuel oil, marine diesel and gasoil, also referred to as the Product and/or Bunker. 3. SCOPE Seller shall sell and Buyer shall buy the Marine Fuels as defined in article 1 to be delivered at one or more ports at the conditions indied herebelow and in the Bunker Confirmation . …

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Sinopec Zhejiang Zhoushan Petroleum Co., Ltd Sinopec Fuel Oil (Singapore) Pte Ltd Amendment for Sinopec General Terms and Conditions for Sale of Marine Fuels (2015.04) Preale These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all deliveries contracted for unless the Sellers expressly confirm otherwise in the Sales Contract. Each delivery shall constitute a separate contract. The email

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Trinity Petroleum have over 30 years’ experience in supplying marine fuels to luxury and commercial vessels. Trinity Petroleum are also are stockists of Mobil and Sinopec lubricant products, and can source other specific oils as requested. While Cairns region is the primary marina area supplied, Trinity Petroleum can assist with bunkers Australia wide. Refuelling Options […]

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5.7 The bunkering hose should be fully drained before the final measurements are taken. 5.8 The Buyer or his agent may be present to witness the loading/ delivery operations of the Marine Bunker Fuel. 5.9 Loading and delivery of Marine Bunker Fuel to Vessels shall be subject to LMS’s then current delivery charges. 5.10 The Barge used for delivering Marine Bunker Fuel could be either of LMS


to the ISO-ASTM-API-IP Petroleum Measurement Ta bles. Quantity measured on Bunker Tanker is therefore considered as conclusive and binding to both the Buyer and the Seller. (c) The Buyer and the Seller shall both have the right to be present or represented at such measurements of Marine Fuel, and shall be given sufficient information and access to the relevant gauge or meter and relevant

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22/11/2018· A marine hose has to go through a series of test including; adhesive test, bending test, hydrostatic test, electrical test, vacuum and weight test before certified for use. While most hoses look similar on first look but the hose used for cargo operation is different from what used for bunkering. In older days of steam ships fuel in form of coal were stored in a compartment called bunker. With

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A hose string can be made up of 3 or 4 lengths of 15.2mtr, 16.3mtr or 18.3mtr lengths of hose joined together by quick release self sealing couplings (hammer unions). The hose comes

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Except as otherwise provided in Part 1 (as defined below in Section 1 of this Part 2) of this Contract, this Part 2 - “Terms of Sale for Marine Fuels” (“Part 2” or “Terms of Sale”) shall apply to all sales by Chevron Marine Products LLC, Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd., or any of their Affiliates (such selling entity or entities identified in Part 1 being the “Seller”) of bunker

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Sinopec Zhejiang Zhoushan Petroleum Co., Ltd . General Terms and Conditions for Sale of Marine Fuels the delivery hose(s) and the Vessel''s bunker manifold and to ensure that the hose(s) is properly connected to the Vessel''s bunker manifold prior to the commencement of delivery. (e) The Buyer shall ensure that the Vessel is in possession of all certifies required to comply with all

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This standard was responsibly drafted by: China Petroleum Circulation Association Marine Oil Professional Committee, China Marine Bunker (Petro China) Co., Ltd. , Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Co., Ltd. The main drafters of this standard: Qiang Yin, Wei Song, Guowei Tan, Ming Tian and Xunliang Liu. DB3309/T 68-2017 1 China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone Standard Code of practice for bunkering …


Delivery hose for bunkering and docks service for the transfer of crude oil and mixed fuels with aromatic contents up to 50%. Tube. Black, smooth, NBR rubber compound. Reinforcement. High strength synthetic cord, with 2 crossing copper wires for hose grounding. Cover.

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Bunker is usually applied to the capacity of petroleum-based commodities in tanks, and the training and business of refueling ships. Bunkering tasks are placed at seaports. They integrate the storage space of ship fuels and the provision of the fuel to vessels. LNG Bunkering is the act of giving liquefied natural gas fuel to a boat for its own utilization. LNG bunkering foundation can be

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Bunkering is the supplying of fuel for use by ships, and includes the shipboard logistics of loading fuel and distributing it among available bunker tanks. A person dealing in trade of bunker fuel is called a Bunker Trader. The term originated in the days of steamships, when the fuel, coal, were stored in bunkers. Nowadays the term bunker is generally applied to the storage of petroleum

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View All Essential Bunker Master D BUNKER MAS D 102x9xCL40 Product # 4110-12102. Ship-to-shore oil bunker delivery hose for crude oil and liquid petroleum products with a maximum of 50% aromatic content, for tankers and bunkering vessels. Reinforcement with two crossing anti-static wires. Temperature Range: -30°C to +90°C.

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Marine Bunkers . A. GENERAL INTRODUCTION A.1 This is a statement of the terms and conditions according to which the international Wrist Bunker Supply Group (hereinafter the ‘’Sellers’’) will sell marine bunkers. A.2 These conditions apply to all offers, quotations, orders, agreements, services and all subsequent contracts of whatever nature, except where otherwise is expressly agreed

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Marine suppliers of Petroleum Transfer Hoses Japan Marine (S) Pte Ltd JMS Group is a Trusted Global Player focuses on Procurement,Supplying and Distribution of Genuine/OEM Marine spares..


Upon acceptance of the Bunker Requisition, Buyer and Seller shall each waive any claims they might have concerning any differences between the Specifiions contained in the Specific Provisions and those contained in the Bunker Requisition,; provided, however, that either Party may require an adjustment to the Purchase Price if the grade of Marine Fuel reflected by the Bunker Requisition


These General Terms of Sale govern the Marine Bunker Sale Contracts that are entered into between VILMA OIL, S.L., a Spanish Company loed at Edificio Madrid 92, C/ Chile 10, 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid) (hereinafter "THE SELLER") and "THE BUYER" with regard to everything related to nomination, delivery, price, quality and payment of the Marine Fuel sold. In the event of any discrepancy between

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VERITAS PETROLEUM SERVICES. We were the pioneers of marine fuel testing in 1981, plus bunker quantity surveys in 1987 and very quickly became established as a world-leading partner to the maritime industry. Before the International Marine Fuel Testing Standard, ISO8217, was introduced in 1987, we were already global-leaders in marine fuel quality testing and 40 years on, remain so to this day


“General Terms and Conditions” means these standard bunker terms and conditions. “Marine Fuels” means products as stated in the Confirmation Note. “Parties” means the Sellers and Buyers collectively. “Party” means Sellers or Buyers. “Required Supply Time” means the time at which the Seller must commence delivery of the Marine Fuels pursuant to Clause 5(c), 5(d) or 5(e

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Type FHD is a collapsible marine bunkering hose. It can be reeled up fiat, takes little space to stow away and is easy to handle. Used as pressure discharge hose for ail Petroleum based products with an aromatic content up to 50 %, on bunkering ships, tankers as well as ''flexible pipeline''. Suitable for naval mobile supply and for offshore facilities. Meets German military standard VG 95955

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Petroleum shipping terminals – Safety measures I. International Association of Ports and Harbors II. International Chaer of Shipping III. Oil Companies International Marine Forum 623.8’245 ISBN-10 1856092917 Published and Printed by WITHERBY & CO. LTD. 32/36 Aylesbury Street London ECIR 0ET, United Kingdom Tel No: +44 (0)20 7251 5341 Fax No: +44 (0)20 7251 1296 …

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RECALLING Article 8 of the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area, 2.2 Hoses for bunker transfer operations.1 The hoses used for bunker transfer should be specially designed and constructed for handling petroleum products and be of a strength and size which makes them suitable for the actual operation. The hoses should be of adequate length to allow

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An articulated branch assely comprising pipe meer and appropriately arranged coinations of fluid carrying swivels, ball joints, or rubber hose is fixed to the outboard end of a conventional marine cargo loading arm. The branch assely is used for bunkering vessels while the arm is supported off the cargo manifold adjacent to the bunker manifold.

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